Subject: Why don’t you sell the powder I can mix myself?

Date: May 14, 1998

Dear SWF:

Several years ago, I bought a seaweed product that was a powder that I would mix with water.  I can’t find this product anymore and I don’t see it listed in your available products.  Why don’t you sell this product?

Marilyn R.

The product that you are referring to is known as a “wettable” powder.  It is basically a dehydrated liquid seaweed concentrate.  In the early days of commercial seaweed extracts, many were being produced offshore and shipped to this country.  In order not to have to ship water, the products were dehydrated and later reconstituted with water to be sold as a liquid concentrate or simply sold as a powder.  Many products on the market today are actually liquids that have been reconstituted from a powder.  This compromised practice grew out of convenience and economics and was not the result of any horticultural wisdom.

The dehydration process involves high and fast heat.  Often it is a scorching process.  The micronutrients, or trace minerals, will generally survive this process.  These trace minerals are only a portion of the many benefits of using a seaweed extract.   We believe that the scorching has a detrimental effect on many of the vitamins and plant growth hormones that are naturally occurring in seaweed.  In that this dehydration practice is an economic compromise we do not produce or sell the “wettable” powders.  We only sell fresh and original liquid products.  No powders and no reconstituted powders.


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