Subject: What is the shelf life of your products?

Date: Mar. 11, 1998

Dear SWF:

I bought a gallon of your liquid Seaweed/Fish fertilizer and a bag of Seaweed Meal last summer.  I had some left at the end of the season and put them in the basement for the winter.  Are they still good and what is the shelf life of your products?

Andy B.

Usually the products have a shelf life of at least a couple of years, and often longer.  Generally speaking, the liquid products are good for several years provided they do not become contaminated by some bacteria.  This does not happen very often, and is generally the result of the user pouring back and forth between containers or other bad mixing habits.  These liquids are nutrient-rich and provide “nirvana” like conditions for bacteria.  One bacterium quickly becomes two bacteria that quickly become four bacteria, etc… and soon the bottle begins to bulge from all of its new guests and excess gas.   Even after the bacteria moves in, the liquids are still good for your plants, but most people don’t like to use them as they now have a new odor and the bottle becomes unstable.  If stored properly, the liquids should be good for several years.  If the bottle has not bulged, then the product is probably good.  I have access to the freshest liquids but I continue to use the many bottles and pails I have taken home over the years.

The seaweed meal will also be viable for several seasons.  Remember that one of the major benefits of the seaweed meal is the micronutrients, or trace minerals.  These minerals will remain in the meal and always be available once the meal breaks down.  I don’t know of any testing with regards to the long term availability, or viability, of the vitamins and plant growth hormones.  My understanding is that most of these additional nutrients and hormones will be good for several years.  We have never gotten any reports of the seaweed meal going bad and if stored properly it is hard for me to imagine that it would go bad.  It does need to be stored in a dry location as it is an organic meal and would be susceptible to mold.

Our products are processed in smaller batches that are generally shipped soon after production.  This enables us to get the freshest products to the marketplace and consequently to the customer.  This ensures that you are getting a fresh and viable product to begin with that, if used and stored correctly, will last you for several seasons.  We find that after using the seaweed products and seeing the results, many customers begin to think of more plants, or lawn, or trees that could benefit and suddenly they are out of the products.  But if you have some left at the end of the season, store it away and know that it should be fine next spring.


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