Subject: Seaweed Meal vs. Liquid Seaweed

Date: May 28, 1997

Dear SWF:

I have heard a lot about the many benefits and uses of seaweed for plants.  I have spent some time on your website reading about your products.  All of the products look wonderful, but I am not sure which product to order.  I have several gardens, including perennials and vegetables.  If I just wanted to add one seaweed product would it be better to use the Seaweed Meal or the Liquid Seaweed?

Hannah T.

Thanks for your interest in seaweed and especially in our products.  There is a lot of information available regarding the positive benefits of using seaweed in your gardens.  The seaweed meal is simply dried and ground seaweed.  Nothing added, nothing deleted (except the sea water.)  It is a rich source of micronutrients, trace elements, vitamins, and growth hormones, but does not contain any significant amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous, or potassium.  It is not considered a fertilizer, rather it is intended to be used as a soil conditioner.  Added to the soil it will break down over time and make all of the nutrients and hormones available to the plant’s root system.  It is usually best to make sure that the seaweed meal is mixed with and below the surface of the soil to expedite the breakdown.  It will also feed and stimulate healthy organisms in the soil that will further lead to the breakdown of other organic matter present in the soil.

The Liquid Seaweed is an organic extract derived from this versatile and nutritional sea plant.  It is a concentrate and is mixed with water and intended to be watered-in or sprayed on the foliage.  This product does not have to breakdown like the meal and the nutrients are immediately available to the plant.  It is fast acting and generally its effects are fairly quick to notice.

With the seaweed meal, the nutrient release and availability is a process.  As long as the meal is in the soil and breaking down there are benefits available to the plant.  For maximum effectiveness, we recommend using the seaweed meal in the spring and again in the fall.  The liquid seaweed is fast-acting but there is generally no reserve available to the plant.  However, the beneficial effects of the seaweed on the plant far outlast the continued availability of the solution.  As a foliar spray, the leaves absorb what they can and the next rain or watering will generally wash off any residual solution.  When watering, the roots will absorb the available solution and the remainder will eventually flush out of the soil.  Therefore, you would continue to use the liquid seaweed throughout the growing season.

So you see there is no simple answer to your question.  Both products are highly effective and provide nutrients and hormones not found in most other plant foods or fertilizers.  The seaweed meal is somewhat slow and continual.  The liquid seaweed is fast-acting and should be part of a regular feeding program.  I know this is not the answer you wanted, but I use, and recommend, both products.  Seaweed Meal, or Sea Blend, in the spring and fall mixed into the soil and Liquid Seaweed, or Seaweed / Fish Fertilizer, every two or three weeks during the season.  I generally water my plants every Sunday morning.  Every other week or so, I add the plant food or fertilizer.  The plants love it and the soil appears healthy and alive, earthworms galore.

Whatever product(s) you decide on will benefit your gardens.  All of our products are highly effective and you will see a difference and your plants will thank you by giving you prettier flowers and healthier fruits and vegetables.


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