Subject: Can I mix the liquid Seaweed with other fertilizers?

Date: Mar. 24, 1997

Dear SWF:

I have read about the many benefits of seaweed and kelp and wanted to try your product.  I grow African Violets and  currently use a commercial fertilizer that I am very happy with.  What I am most excited about the seaweed extract is that I have heard that it will prolong the flowering stages and enhance the colors of my violets.  I was thinking that I might alternate weekly between my fertilizer and your seaweed.  Will that work or can you recommend a better plan.  Also could you recommend the best product for my violets?

Sarah T.

We are very happy that you want to try our products.  It seems that often people get stuck in a routine of how they have become accustomed to growing their plants.  If you currently use little blue crystals and are happy with the results, then happy growing.  But if you want to try a seaweed product and incorporate that into your routine, and it sounds like you do, then read on.

Seaweed is all about micronutrients, vitamins, and growth hormones.  It is not a good source of nitrogen, phosphorous, or potassium (N-P-K) which are the sole ingredients in most commercial fertilizers.  These major nutrients are the essential building blocks for plant growth and health required by all growing things.  What modern research has shown is that there is a difference between a plant fueled solely by nitrogen and a plant that is truly healthy and receives a balanced diet containing the micronutrients and vitamins.  The nitrogen loaded plant might look healthy and appear large and green, but lacks the balance blend.  A plant that receives all of the nutrients it needs appears healthy, is less likely to be a victim of pests, might have longer bloom cycles with more vibrant colors.  Any fruit produced would of course be a source of those micronutrients or minerals.

You could alternate the use of the seaweed and your blue crystals, but a better plan would be to mix the two together and save yourself a step.  As I mentioned earlier, seaweed is about micronutrients, vitamins, and growth hormones and the blue crystals contain nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous.  These products are doing different things.  They will complement each other and allow the plant to take better advantage of all of the nutrients.  A healthy plant is better able to utilize the micronutrients and growth hormones when fueled by the major nutrients.  I know of no instance where the Liquid Seaweed Plant food is incompatible with any commercially available fertilizer.  Simply mix the fertilizer as you normally would and add the Liquid Seaweed Plant food at the rate of four (4) teaspoons per gallon of solution.

If you decide to switch to an organic all-in-one fertilizer, then I recommend our Seaweed/Fish Fertilizer.  We add fish solubles to our seaweed extract to make a more complete product.  The fish solubles are a rich, and organic, source of the nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous.  Our product is labeled 3-2-2 and is applied at the rate of three (3) Tablespoons per gallon of water (less for indoor plants.)

Whatever you decide I think you will see a difference in your African violets, or whatever else you grow, by incorporating the seaweed into your growing routine.


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