About Us

Our mission is to provide plants and animals alike with the natural supplements necessary to enrich their health and help them prosper. With the beautiful rocky coast of Maine in our backyard, Saltwater Farms is able to fulfill this mission by harvesting and processing one of the most abundant natural resources in the North Atlantic… the sea plant Asocophyllum nodosum, more commonly known as seaweed or kelp. We have developed a variety of products with the highest quality additives, all with organic seaweed fresh from the cold North Atlantic Ocean as their key ingrediant. Whether you choose liquid seaweed fertilizers for your plants or 100% natural kelp meal as a nutritional supplement for your pets, you will take comfort in knowing you are providing an environmentally friendly means of improving their health.

From the Cold Dark Waters of the North Atlantic . . .

Post Office Box 248, Gorham, Maine 04038